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Tales of EUkraine at BRaK Book Festival

 From 31 May to 2 June, Tales of EUkraine was present with a stand at BRaK - Bratislava Book Festival, which celebrated its 10th anniversary this year. The stand was open throughout the Festival and it was organised by TEUk partner Združenie vydavateľov a kníhkupcov.

Bilingual books from the Slovakian publishing houses participating in Tales of EUkraine were available and attendees of the festival could pass by to get their copy of the titles published so far to gift to Ukrainian children.

Among the publishing houses at TEUk stand in Bratislava there were Matys, Dajama and Ideál. Five different titles were available in bilingual Ukrainian-Slovakian edition: Svet okolo nás (The World Around Us), Detektív Teo – Záhada zmiznutých rybičiek (Guinea Pig Investigates), Pani osminožka (Mrs. Octopus), Išla Myška do sveta (The Mouse went into the world) and Ako sa vrabček učil múdrosti (Trouble Teaches).

A photo gallery of the books at the stand is available below.

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About Tales of EUkraine

  About the project Tales of EUkraine (TEUk) is an opportunity for European publishers to support their Ukrainian counterparts and to display their solidarity to the most vulnerable victims of the conflict by doing what they do best: publishing books. This project will bring together European and Ukrainian publishers to deliver bilingual children’s books to several communities hosting Ukrainian refugees, fostering integration and mutual understanding. TEUk has built a catalogue of Ukrainian children’s books available for publishers to acquire the rights to and publish them in bilingual editions. The project partners will purchase the part of the print run to be distributed to displaced children and organise its distribution to the Ukrainian refugee communities, whilst publishers will be invited to promote the book to their national communities. TEUk will facilitate the integration of Ukrainian children in their host countries, increase the knowledge of Ukrainian culture across the Unio

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Tales of EUkraine: Sharing Stories Today TEUk was officially presented during the BBplus programme of the Bologna Children's Book Fair ( Event Programme ( ). Olena Odynoka, coordinator of the Ukrainian Book Institute; Enrico Turrin, deputy director at FEP; Paola Malgrati, press office at Il Castoro, talked about the project's activities and the publishers' effort to support Ukrainian citizens and their counterparts.  During the event, the speakers presented the catalogue of titles available to be printed and distributed as part of the project  - thanks to the support of the European Commission. The catalogue is available on the Frankfurt Book Fair Rights' Portal, at the following address:  Company Profile ( The catalogue can be also accessed via this QR code: 

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We are back from the Frankfurt Book Fair after a series of events that marked one year of progress for Tales of EUkraine. The Tales of EUkraine consortium touched base on the project’s developments and forthcoming steps, presented the project’s activities to the fairgoers, and most i mportantly, distributed TEUk books to children from Ukraine and Germany on two different occasions as the first 6 Ukrainian-German titles left the printing houses right before the Fair, for a total of 30.000 books! The titles published before the fair are: The Tooth Fairy´s Tale (Publishing House RM ), In search of the winter sleep   (Publishing Mushlya LLC ), Skovoroda. Fables (Publishing House Vivat ), Battle for the City (Publishing House Artbooks ), The Owl Who Wanted To Become a Lark (Publishing House The Black Sheep ), and  My Home (Publishing House Ranok ). On Wednesday 18 th October, at 9:00 the doors opened at Struwwelpeter Museum for an event with Ukrainian and German children. Arnaud Pasq